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Strategic directions

NLMK Group is one of the most efficient steel producers in the world. NLMK Group’s high-quality steel products are used in strategic industries, such as construction, machine-building, energy, shipbuilding, chemical, oil and gas industry, etc. 

NLMK is increasing operational efficiency and reducing its environmental impact by means of implementing energy-saving technologies, ensuring self-sufficiency in energy resources and using by-products of steelmaking operations for energy generation. These steps are part of a key Strategy 2017 objective to gain leadership in operational efficiency. The Group is achieving its objectives in improving energy efficiency via the following key elements:

  • Continuous improvement of production processes to reduce the consumption of energy resources
  • Technological modernization, equipment upgrades, use of new technologies
  • Improvement of energy resource management systems
  • Compliance with laws regulating resource consumption

The review of Strategy 2017 results has shown that as of the end of 2015 the Company started full implementation of the key objectives of Strategy 2017 announced back in February 2014, which helps to achieve the minimum and economically viable levels of specific energy intensity and production cost.