Environmental cases

Biological treatment plant at Beryozovsky rolling facility

In Beryozovsky local treatment facilities (LTC 1, LTC 2) have been constructed, intended to cool the process equipment and to heat-strengthen long products. Following the introduction of LTC-1 closed-loop system in 2007 the Company received a diploma of IX International Symposium “Clear Water of Russia” for its achievements in water treatment technologies and water conservation and was awarded 3rd place in the category “Introduction of technologies 2007".

A "clean” working cycle for furnaces has been introduced to cool the equipment of heating furnaces No.3 and No.4.

Clean water cycle, used to cool the process and electrical equipment, has also been reconstructed.

Dirty water cycle, used to wash out the scale and cool the process equipment, has been upgraded with new high-performance equipment.

The introduction of new closed-loop systems allowed to completely eliminate discharge of industrial waste waters from rolling mills.

Construction of surface waste water treatment plants is under way. The main objective of sewage treatment plants construction is to purify surface run-off to the quality of process water to feed the plant's water recycling systems.