High level of environmental protection is the key priority of NLMK Ural together with the development of production and capacities.

Environmental cases

The Company has all the permits and regulatory documentation regarding environmental protection. NLMK Ural has a policy not only to increase its capacity and develop production, but also to reduce its environmental footprint. The Company is a living example of how one can increase production capacity while reducing impact on nature-made objects. Replacing outdated open-hearth with a modern EAF steelmaking operations enabled a 6-fold increase of the annual steel output in Revda, at the same time reducing the emissions of solid particles in the air twofold.  

To reduce the impact on surface and groundwater the Company rolled out a closed water cycle system. The Nizhniye Sergi site is building a treatment unit at its long-products rolling mills.  

The Company has introduced new steelmaking waste processing technologies to produce broken slag and iron-containing pellets for further use in other industries.

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