NSMMZ Victory project

NSMMZ Victory project is of great social importance. The main purpose of the project is to convey to future generations the information about people and events of WW2 first-hand, directly from the participants and witnesses; to make the feat of Ural people, who defended their homeland in the line and forged the victory behind the lines, known to the public.

The website features information on the work of two production sites of NLMK Ural, one in Revda (formerly RMMZ) and one in Nizhniye Sergi (formerly NSMZ), in 1941–1945, as well as photographs of war veterans among the workers of the plant, home front workers and their memories of the war and many other things. Interestingly, this project is not yet at its end: the company encourages the plant workers whose relatives worked in factories and went through the war, to share their memories, letters and photographs from the family archives.

The production sites of NLMK Ural - Revda and Nizhniye Sergi - are among the oldest metallurgical plants in the Urals. In the war time, NSMMZ produced bullet and shell steel, ferro phosphorus for the production of free-cutting steel, liner for rockets, barbed wire, wire for aircraft control, electrode austenitic wire for welding tank shells and many other products necessary for the liberation of the country.

NSMMZ Victory project is implemented as part of a single concept for celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory at NLMK Group facilities and is a continuation of pobeda48.ru, an internet project of veterans, home front workers and fighters of Lipetsk region, launched in 2014 by the initiative on the main production site of NLMK Group in Lipetsk.