RUB 17.4 m

of charity investments in 2016

NLMK Ural donates to orphanages, low-income families, veterans and retired employees.

The Company promotes charitable initiatives and programmes in Sverdlovsk region both directly and through Zabota, Pomosch, Miloserdiye charitable foundation.

Support to veterans

The veteran support programme has been specifically developed for pensioners and veterans of World War II, most of whom are former NLMK Ural employees. The Veterans Council has about 3 thousand registered members. Veterans receive quarterly financial assistance, regularly participate in cultural and recreational activities. NLMK Ural allocated around 16 million rubles for this cause in 2016.


The Company promotes physical fitness and popular sports, preventive health care, encourages healthy lifestyles and supports NGOs in its home cities - Revda, N. Sergi and Beryozovsky.

Promotion of education

NLMK Ural supports compulsory and further education and institutions focused on technical training in its home cities. The funds are used to improve the methodological framework and equip classrooms with modern facilities.

Zabota, Pomosch, Miloserdiye Charitable Foundation

Zabota, Pomosch, Miloserdiye Charitable Foundation supports veterans, gifted children, as well as citizens who find themselves in difficult situations. The Foundation promotes sports, supports mass entertainment events, and protects the cultural heritage of Sverdlovsk region.