Square continuous-cast billet

  • Square continuous-cast billet

    Continuous-cast square billets with a cross section of 125x125 mm are made of:

    – carbon steel of commercial quality under GOST 380;
    – carbon steel of SAE 1005, SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010 grades and etc. as per ASTM А510 М;
    – low carbon steel of Sv08, Sv08А, Sv08АА grades and alloyed steel of Sv08G2S grade as per GOST224b;
    – telegraph steel of Т, ТМ grades as per TS 14–121–74–2006;
    – low alloyed steel of 35GS and 25G2S grades as per GOST 5781;
    – quality structural steel of St 15 G ps grade as per GOST 1050, SAE 1005.
    – and also from other general purpose carbon, high-quality structural steels and steels with low silicon content, including the ones complying with American, British and German standards.

Rebar rods

  • Rebar rods

    The production of a wide range of rebar has been set up at the plant.

    The diameter of the profile in rods is:
    - 18-32 mm;
    - 10-40 mm;
    - 10-16 mm.

Rebar coils

  • Rebar coils

    NLMK Ural was the  first to master the commercial production of heat-strengthened rebars of A500C grade in coils of 6 to 12.0 mm diameter, which is in high demand by construction companies.

    The diameter of the rebar in coils ranges:
    - 6-16 mm.

    Heat-strengthened rebar of А500С grade has high durability and local ductility, which eliminates the possibility of brittle fractures of welded joints.

    This rebar can substitute А–III (А400) grade in various regions of Russia, both north and south climatic areas, and for various purposes - in the embedded parts, mounting loops and other reinforcing products.

Wire rod

  • Wire rod

    Wire rod is produced from carbon and low carbon steel.

    Wire rod nominal diameter range:
    - 5.5-8.0 mm;
    - 9.0-19.0 mm;
    - 20.0-22.0 mm.

    It is possible to produce wire rods of intermediate diameter subject to agreement with the customer.