NLMK Ural produces constructional long steel: rebar in bars and coils and wire rod.  

Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and the most up-to-date technology, the Company’s products meet the highest quality standards and are highly competitive. 

Revda is home to the Company’s modern EAF steelmaking facility, with an over-2-mtpa capacity. Here, incoming scrap is melted and processed into 125x125 mm continuous-cast square billets with a length ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 mm made of carbon and low-alloy steels. 

Then, in Nizhniye Sergi, the continuous cast square billets are used as feedstock to produce No.10–40 rebars in rods of А400, А500С and АТ800 grades.  

In Beryozovsky, No. 6 – 16 rebar in coils and 5.5 – 22 mm wire rod are made of low-carbon, high-carbon and alloyed steels.


NLMK Ural’s electric steelmaking was established in Revda in 2005.  

The melt shop includes two independent production lines. Each line consists of an electric-arc furnace (EAF), ladle-furnace unit (LF) for secondary metallurgy and a continuous-casting machine (CCM). The design capacity of each line is 1 million tonnes of continuous-cast steel billets per year. The equipment, installed in the shop, was produced by VAI-Fuchs, one of the leading EAF equipment producers.  

Scrap is used as feedstock for EAF production. NLMK Ural's processes are designed in the following way: incoming scrap is immediately loaded into charging buckets or bins rather than being further processed (cutting of large-sized pieces, light scrap condensing, etc.). 

The finished product of EAF operations is 125 x 125 mm 8,000 –12,000 mm-long carbon and low-alloyed square concast steel billets. The major share of billets is rolled into finished goods at the following production stages and the remaining part is sold to customers in Russia and abroad.


Rolling operations of NLMK Ural are based on two rolling mills: 

– two-line Long Products Mill 250 (Nizhniye Sergi) 

– small section wire rod Rolling Mill 150 (Beryozovsky). 

Two-line Long Products Mill 250 is used to produce section bars and shaped sections from carbon and low-alloyed steels.  

125 x 125 mm 8 – 11.7 m-long mill-rolled or continuous-cast square billets are rolled into section bars and shaped sections.  

The mill consists of the following elements:

 – Reheating furnace; 

– Danieli breakdown train; 

– Duo roughing train; 

– Finishing train; 

– Thermomechanical hardening rolling track;  

– Adjustage. 

Small section wire rod Rolling Mill 150 is used for rolling 5.5–9.0 mm wire rod, < 22 mm small sections of round steel, and No. 6–16 mm rebar die rolled sections in coils from a wide range of steel grades: commercial quality carbon steel, high-quality structural carbon and alloyed steel, spring steel, cable steel, and steel cord. The state-of-the-art mill has a high degree of automation and various control modes of thermomechanical processing, which enables the production of high quality products.  

The mill consists of the following elements:  

– SMS Meer reheating furnace; 

– Danieli roughing and intermediate two-line trains;       

– Two pre-finishing one-line trains;       

– Two ten-stand finishing blocks;       

– Two-stage controlled-cooling device for wire rod ;       

– Finishing area.