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6 October 2016

NLMK Long allocates over 20 million roubles to Zdorovye programme

NLMK Group's companies within the Long Product Division (NLMK Ural, NLMK Metalware, and NLMK Ural Service) have launched flu vaccination for employees.

The health and welfare of employees is a priority focus of the Division’s social activities. Zdorovye health programme promotes measures aimed to cut morbidity on a yearly basis. These measures include periodic medical examinations, vaccinations against cold and encephalitis, the organization of health resort vacations aimed at improving the health of employees and their children. All employees of the division participate in the programme of voluntary health insurance.

To carry out preventive and curative measures at the enterprises there are also health centres, where one can get free round-the-clock primary health care. In addition, the employees of steel plants have access to organized diet, vitamin and herbal therapy.

Sports activities are an integral part in the preventive system aimed to protect and promote the health of personnel.  Throughout the year the plants' teams compete in the company Olympics. In addition, sports events with entertainment take place on holidays like 23 February, 8 March, New Year, Day of the Trade Union Movement and Health Day for both employees and their children.

The companies spent around 20 million roubles on this cause in 2016.