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18 January 2017

EAF shop puts into operation new electricity metering system

NLMK Ural's production site in Revda has put into operation an automated information and measuring electricity metering system. This allowed to reduce power consumption and improve the efficiency of control over consumption of energy resources.

The new electricity metering system consists of an information and computer system, communications equipment, electricity meters, current and voltage measuring transformers.

The system covers all the equipment and devices in the power building and the melt shop - all in all 118 metering points. Earlier figures from the metering stations were gathered manually once a day, but now this process is fully automated, which not only increases the efficiency of power accounting, but also eliminates any error.

The system allowed to reduce energy consumption for lighting purposes by 800 thousand kWh per year. The system also improves the efficiency of control over energy consumption, the depth of analysis of the causes of deviations and cost planning.

The capex for the project was over 6 million roubles.