NLMK Ural is seeking to ensure a high level of educational background of its future employees; therefore, it collaborates with technical colleges and universities.

6 students

took internship at NLMK Ural with subsequent employment in 2016

Study allowance paid by the Company

Any student considering their future employment at the plant can qualify for a monthly study allowance. To do this, a student should apply to the Centre for personnel training with their performance sheet and fill out a questionnaire. The study allowance contract can be signed if the GPA is at least 3.8 points.

The monthly study allowance for university students is 2,500–3,500 rubles; for college students it is 2,500–3,000 roubles. The study allowance can be increased if a student completes an internship at the plant with future employment and graduates with vocational qualification.

Internships at NLMK Ural

NLMK Ural offers students to take their practical training and pre-diploma internship at its plant with future employment. The main advantage of such training is practical experience in the chosen capacity and possible employment by the Company to a higher position after graduation from college or university.

During the practice period students receive training and get qualified for blue-collar occupation. Company pays for the training and travel.