Sergey Patrakov

Fitter, Instrumentation and Automation Service

After school Sergey Patrakov entered Revda multi-technical school to study Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment. In his fourth year Sergey had an internship at NLMK Ural. 

- If you want to bind your future life with production, it is definitely worth taking the internship, - says Patrakov. - This is a great chance to get acquainted with the equipment, look at it inside out. And in the future it will be easier to find your way around the plant. A week before graduation, Sergey came to NLMK Ural’s HR department, where the young specialist learned that he was given the position of mechanic at Instrumentation and Automation Service. After graduating from college he immediately filed papers in the Ural State Forestry University to the correspondence department to study Automation of technological processes and production. 

During this year Sergey upgraded his grade from third up to the fourth grade. Received training on radiation safety and was admitted to work with gas-powered equipment at the Regional Training Centre. In the future, he plans to raise up to the fifth grade, graduate from the University and get into the talent pool.