Yury Tepikin

Supervisor, Instrumentation and Automation Service

Yuri's work experience in the industry – 36 years. In 2014 he received the title Honoured Worker of the Company Yuri joined NLMK Ural in December 1978 as a technician for Instrumentation and Automation Service. He went up in his career first up to master, and then to the deputy section supervisor, and after already he was appointed section supervisor. Yuri acknowledges that working with measuring devices is very interesting, but requires high precision, communication skills and great professionalism.

 - As I work directly on the shop floor, I talk to many people: starting from the head of the department to workers, - says Yuri Tepikin. - When I just started work, the devices were analogue recorders, they were filled with ink. I had to change the chart paper and pens all the time, my fingers were constantly in ink.

Now everything is controlled by controllers with visualization of processes at the workstations. Of course, the work has become easier, I mean, physically. No more plumbing work. Again, for the young it is much more interesting to work with computer software, since they are familiar with such devices almost since childhood.