Timur Dyunyashev

Foreman, Production Preparation, Rolling Equipment

Timur Dyunyashev entered university through a target recruitment programme of NLMK Ural and successfully mastered the profession of a steelmaker. Timur has been with the company since 2009. He started his career as a fourth-grade mill operator.

In two years Timur has mastered the bake hardening line, wire block, leader, roughing and intermediate trains. Timur participated in professional competitions, and even won the last one.

In 2011, he was awarded the sixth grade and was appointed master of the production preparation area.

 "Preparation for work often takes longer than the work itself," says Timur Dyunyashev. “On site we prepare replacement assemblies, parts that are then used in the mill, and we also resolve issues related to improving process equipment. “We have a young and very creative team.”

Only in 2016 Timur submitted as many as eight rationalization proposals. One of them has brought to the company close to one million rubles over six months.