Demidov-center museum

Demidov-centre is a unique museum dedicated to the history of steelmaking in the Urals. The museum boasts a collection of items from the Demidovs’ production facilities and iconic historical exhibits from Revda.

Demidov-centre bridges historical periods, preserves cultural heritage of the region and conveys it to the future generations of Revda citizens. The museum also has a sizeable collection of archival documents, which the museum staff uses when doing research, for example when putting together family trees of Revda citizens.

The museum consists of historic, business and cultural centres. The historic portion of the museum has nine halls: "Military Glory", "World of Women", “Demidov Hall", "History Hall. XVIII-XIX centuries", "Metal Room", "Wooden Architecture Hall," "Plat History Hall. XX-XXI centuries", "Orthodoxy Hall" and "Hall of Artistic Casting".The business portion of the museum is a business centre, which hosts conferences, presentations and workshops.

The funds of the museum have over 49,000 photos and over 5,000 exhibits that come from the times of Peter the Great and reveal the role of the Ural manufacturers in the development of the plant and the city around it. In addition, visitors can enjoy an open-air exhibition of monuments commemorating global industrial culture: a memorial to the recruits from the Revda plant, departed to the war against Napoleon's troops, and German rolling equipment that was in use at the plant from 1916 to 2004.