NLMK Ural is a core company within NLMK Long Products Division controlled by NLMK Long. The company produces continuous cast billet, rebar in bars and coils, wire rod. NLMK Ural's operations are located in Revda (EAF plant), Nizhniye Sergi and Beryozovsky (long products).

NLMK Long – part of NLMK Group - is one of the largest producers of long products and metalware in the Russian market. NLMK Long is an integrated steelmaking company with operations ranging from ferrous scrap collection and processing to the production of high value-added steel products such as rebar, wire rod, and metalware.

A strong position in the market

 NLMK accounts for 20% of the Russian rebar market.


NLMK Ural’s operations are located at three production sites in the Sverdlovsk region: an EAF plant in Revda and long products plants in Nizhniye Sergi and Beryozovsky.

The electric steelmaking plant in Revda has two VAI electric arc furnaces, two ladle furnaces, VAI and Concast, and two continuous casting machines, Concast and Pomini. The plant manufactures 125Х125 mm continuous-cast square billet, which is marketed unless the plant uses it for its own needs.

The Nizhniye Sergi plant has a one-mtpa Mill 250. The mill produces No.10–40 rebars in rods of A400, A500C and AT800 grades, used to reinforce concrete structures and to produce complex parts that have to endure dynamic loads. Highly durable steel with high ductility and toughness is used to make rebar. Beryozovsky has a one-mtpa Mill 150.

The rolling shop in Beryozovsky was put into operation in December 2010. The shop’s design features and process equipment make it one of the most state-of-the-art and high-tech production facilities in Russia. The mill produces a wide range of rebar and wire rod: 6–16 mm rebars in coils, 5.5–22 mm wire rods. NLMK Ural was the first to master the commercial production of 6 to 12.0 mm heat-strengthened A500C rebars in coils, which is highly valued by construction companies. Moreover, the mill produces cold-rolled wire rod for metalware operations, as well as high-carbon and special welding grades of wire rod.


Nizhneserginsky metalware plant was founded as early as in the Demidovs’ times.

Akinfy and Nikita Demidov, 2 sons of the founder of the famous industrial family, built Revdinsky (1734) and Nizhneserginsky (1743) plants. Both plants are among the oldest steelmaking companies in the Urals.

The plants were famous for their products which were sought after across the country. By the end of the 18th century, Revdinsky plant became one of the largest ironworks. Nizhneserginsky’s cast iron was used in the construction of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

The modern history of NLMK Ural begins in 2000 after the two plants merged. After a major overhaul and upgrade, the Revda site received an EAF plant and the Nizhniye Sergi and Beryozovsky sites got section rolling units. NLMK Ural has been part the core enterprise of the Long Products Division of NLMK Group since 2008.



The company operates 2.2 mtpa capacities and a 2 mtpa rolling mill .